When heading out to my local cardroom there is always a few things that I cannot leave home without. Ever since I first started playing I learned that these things were a must if I wanted to have an enjoyable and profitable session of playing poker. Here is my list of five things that I take with me to play. 1. Three Buy-ins Obviously when going to play poker you are going to need some money. Why three buy-ins you might ask?

For me personally this number came about from some trial and error, and some good note taking. In the beginning I would walk into the casino with many more buy-ins. I learned that after the third buy-in lost I could not keep myself from tilting a little bit. Playing subopitmally is always a bad idea, if you feel you’re not playing well get up and leave. This will make you more money than you can imaging. 2. Smart Phone I use my phone for a couple of different purposes.

The most important reason to bring my phone is to use a poker tracking app to track each session that I play. Doing this I am able to track my hourly win rate, hours played as well as current trends of how I am playing. I also use my phone to keep notes of players that I see often playing. I often just write down interesting hands or tells that I get while playing. 3. Ipod/Iphone/MP3 Sitting at the table I have always engaged in conversation with the other players.

I feel that engaging people makes the game more fun and makes it more likely that bad players keep coming back. If the have fun they will most likely return. That being said, I also like to listen to music while I play. Most of the time I will have one earphone in and listen to table banter at the same time. This gives me the best of both worlds. 4. Snacks Every time I go play I will bring a small bag to the casino. It may be a good idea to make sure that the poker room does not have a problem with this before you do it.

Most rooms will allow you to bring it as long as you keep it out of the way. Casino food is ridiculous priced, for this reason I will always bring some beef jerky or maybe some chips to make it through a long session. You will notice the difference in your wallet. This will save you a good amount over time. 5. A Jacket It is hard to do anything well if you are not comfortable. Sometimes casinos and poker rooms can get rather cold. It is important to bring a jacket or hoody every time you play.

If it’s hot you can always take it off but having it when you need it will make for a much better experience. T.S. Vann is a semiprofessional poker player. Making a small percentage of his livelihood from the local live poker rooms. He believes that he has something to offer to small stakes players, http://slotoff.com/ as he is one himself. Check back often for new content.

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